The Tap Pack

The Tap Pack USA TOUR 2020

Capezio's favourite performers are at it again, this time they are heading to the States.

Since its creation in 2013 by Jesse Rasmussen, Jordan Pollard and Thomas J Egan and Co-Created and Directed
by Nigel Turner-Carroll, The Tap Pack have been going from strength to strength. And now their biggest
challenge is fast approaching - to tour the United States of America.

The Tap Pack are an entertaining nod to the original Rat Pack era featuring high energy performances
of mind blowing tap dancing, smooth vocals and witty banter. They have performed in Australia,
on the high seas, Europe and London's West End.

We caught up with one of the Company Directors and Cast Member - Jordan Pollard on what it was like to tackle
the USA with an all Australian product.

Jordan: "America - there is certainly a presence about it, we all know about Broadway and Hollywood
don't we! It's daunting, it's big but overall it's hugely exciting and we are ready for the challenge!

America is such a birthplace for the tap dance we know today; I'm talking Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Ginger
Rogers etc. Such great pioneers of the art form and definitely role models for us as we created The Tap Pack. And Vegas
is the home to the original Rat Pack, so by bringing our shows to the USA, we know we have a lot to live up to.

But we have made sure we have injected the show with some true Australian values; camaraderie, being larrikins
and having a great time!

We are going over for 3 months, performing our show all over the country. We start in Florida, make our way up to
New York then it's across to Chicago, down to Texas and finish in California, with lots of stops in between! It's very
exciting for us as it's been about 18 months of hard work to get it up and running. And we are thrilled that we get to
travel over and show America what us Australians can do.

The Pack cast for the tour includes Jesse Rasmussen, Thomas J Egan, Tom Struik, Sean Sinclair, Max Patterson and
myself. We are backed by an amazing band with Stefan Nowak as our MD, Pete Skelton, Angus Gomm and Nick Bowd.
And a big thank you to our Director Nigel and
 Producer Kym Halpin for all their work on this as well.

But mostly in these moments, you have to recognise everyone who helped get you there and especially the
audiences for coming and supporting us and enjoying the shows all these years.

And of course, a special thanks to Capezio for supporting us and giving us the best instruments for our feet!
We have a great range of Capezio tap shoes on tour; Brown Brogues, Black and White Wing Tips, Gunmetal Grey
and even a Green Velvet pair of k360s. And our Act 2 shoes are Black and Gold two-tone, you can't get better then
that! We wouldn't want to wear anything else."

The Tap Pack will be flying the Australian flag proudly over there and we wish the Pack all the best luck for the tour!

After the USA, The Tap Pack will be heading to Queensland in June. For more information on their tour
and show - please visit

The Tap Pack all wear Capezio's k360 tap shoes.